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People always believe in freedom and that is absolutely great but I personally feel we should always bound ourselves in some kind of Rule. These rules draw a line of protocol that offers success in your great journey. There are some tips that help to save time and create a protocol. Procrastination is one of the main barriers blocking you from getting up, making the right decisions and living the dream life you’ve thought of. Sometimes all our opportunities seem to be at our fingertips, but we can’t seem to reach them. …

Salesforce Live Web Chat

Salesforce live webchat Help customer interacts with the support team. It also improves the support experience for customers. It is very easy to set up the live chat in salesforce. Connect with your customers wherever they are with live, web-based chat.

Many customers already use the live chat in their day-to-day interactions, which makes it an incredibly useful support tool for businesses. Plus, it gives customers that proactive, personalized TLC right where they need it: while they’re browsing through a website. Being there can make the difference between a happy customer who keeps coming back, and one who… well… doesn’t.

Next Best Action

Salesforce Next Best Action is one of the best tools in the service cloud. It Displays the right recommendation to the right record at right time. It allows the team or user to perform the best action which is required based on some business logic. It is very useful and assists your support team to take action based on the record filter.

we have to follow the four steps to add the Next Business Action in our Salesforce org.

  1. Create a Flow.
  2. Enable the Recommendation tab in your profile
  3. Create a Recommendation
  4. Create a Strategy
  5. Add NBA to the Record…

Salesforce Entitlement

Entitlement management provides the best solution for customer support. Entitlement offers the correct support to your customer. It also helps us to enforce the service level agreement with the customer.

Service level agreement (SLA) is the agreement between you and the customer.SLA can manage through Entitlement, service contract, Milestone.

Some Basic examples of Entitlement

  1. Some customer gets email support for the product.
  2. Some customer gets phone support with specific time period support.
  3. Some customer gets 24/7 support for the product.

Having Entitlements configured in Salesforce gives you two important things:

  1. They allow your customer service reps to verify what kinds of support your customers are entitled to and,
  2. They allow you to monitor SLAs and…

Dynamic forms are one of the game-changer for the lightning platform. Now we can declaratively customize the section and the fields of the detailed section or create your customized section without any coding pattern and no need to create the multiple page layout.

One of the biggest advantages of the dynamic form is filter option on a section (will cover below). Even we can also filter the specific fields based on permission, record, user. The filter works on WHEN, WHOM and ON.

Dynamic Forms benefits you in these ways:

  • An instant upgrade from page layouts: Place fields and sections wherever you want with the help of Lightning…

SOQL Summer 2021

The FIELDS() Function enables authors of SOQL statements to designate a predefined grouping of columns that will be automatically returned in the result set of records. FIELDS() provides a way to leverage existing platform constructs that decouples data management from business logic in integrations and helps reduce the effort involved to administer an org’s object model.

This is similar to the “select * from” in SQL or Mysql. Salesforce updated the SOQL character limits from 25K characters to 100K characters, empowering query authors to be more complete with their query operations.

Syntax: sfdx force:data:soql:query -q “SELECT FIELDS(ALL) FROM Account”


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Here I will be discussing the new concept of Amazon AppFlow with Salesforce. Amazon AppFlow grants automate workflows to heighten business productivity by triggering information flows supported events.

This I believe a big achievement between SAAS based system over the Internet. As we know the data always a crucial part of any system and to keep data in a secure place is the big challenge for any industry or any SAAS based system. In terms of storage, Salesforce is a bit expensive to keep all the historical data in the organization. …

Salesforce Important Concepts
  1. Standard Object can not be Detailed side.
  2. Converting a master-detail relationship to a lookup for a custom object on the “detail” side changes the organization-wide default for the object to public read/write.
  3. Detail record inherits two things from the master one is owner and second is sharing settings.
  4. we can not reparent the child record only through reparenting option it is possible.
  5. Default OWD for the custom object is Public read/write.
  6. Through Schema builder we can create the field but the field will not be available on Page layout and it will be editable for all the profile.
  7. The external…

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As we know salesforce always focuses on customer solutions and the enhancement of the product to meet the higher level of user. salesforce offers seasonal releases: Spring, Summer, and Winter. Here we will be discussing the Spring 2021 release which is gonna come out in FEB.

we have broken down the areas where salesforce is going to introduce the enhancement.

End of Browser support

Salesforce ends the support for IE11 end of December 2020. It does not mean that salesforce won’t work on that browser, it just stopped the support to enhance the browser compatibility issues from IE11. …

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