AMAZON CONNECT Solution of Virtual Call Center

Ranbir Kumar Das
2 min readJan 20, 2022


Amazon Connect service Overview

The virtual call center is provided by Amazon Connect. Customer service agents or sales representatives who work within a virtual call center make calls from remote locations and help make outbound calls. Salesforce is strongly integrated with virtual call centers.

Customers and agents receive a consistent experience across all channels. With this, you get tools for routing based on skills, task management, powerful real-time and historical analytics, and intuitive management.

The system can be scaled up or down to fit any size contact center. It can onboard tens of thousands of agents to meet the demands of normal business cycles as well as unpredictable events.

With this service, calls can be made over the internet from a device such as a computer using the Amazon Connect softphone. The softphone is capable of 16kHz audio and is resistant to packet loss so that calls will be of high quality.

Here are the steps to get your contact center up and running.

Instances of Amazon Connect should be created. All resources and settings pertaining to your contact center should be contained in one instance. As part of your setup, you specify where voice recordings and chat transcripts will be stored, and how user accounts will be managed.

Your contact center should have phone numbers. For Amazon Connect Voice, either claim a phone number that AWS provides, or port your existing number. While you wait for your numbers to be ported over, you may wish to claim a number so you can test Amazon Connect and set up your contact center.

Configure the routing. Establish your routing profiles and queues, as well as your hours of operation. If you want your agents to use any of these channels, you can specify them in your routing profile. Additionally, you specify how many tasks and chats an agent can handle simultaneously.

Top Features of Amazon Connect

  • Agent Login, Administrator login.
  • Transfer call to another Agent.
  • Salesforce Integration.
  • Auto-Search for task, case, account, and contact in salesforce.
  • Voice email if the agent is not available.
  • Assign the case to a queue that is received through voice email.
  • Outbound Call in Salesforce.
  • Create and assign tasks to other agents in SF itself with the alert call.
  • For better customer experience provide the customized agent extension number to the donor for better reach.
  • Reporting based on Agent, inbound and outbound call.
  • Call Recording



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